History and Development

Established in September 1995, the Center of Teacher Education aims at providing opportunities for university students to be outstanding teachers, and further education for teachers.

Goals of the Center of Teacher Education

To plan the future development of the center.

To plan and teach curriculum of the center.

To hold activities about research and further education for School teacher.

To issue "The Journal of Educational Science each year.

To advise on practice teaching.


Students come from all departments of the University, which cover all kinds of academic colleges.

The plan of curriculum has an upward trend.

Both teaching theory and practice emphasized equally.

Experienced Teachers, who teach "Teaching Methods and Materials", come from related colleges.

Teachers who teach "Teaching Methods and Materials" advise on one-year internship program.

Students have to participate "Mu-Zhang training", "First-aid training", and "Safety education" before they obtain qualified teacher certificate.

Practice teachers should study how to make homepage and teaching aids at least 18 hours.

Practice teachers should study special education at least 3 credits or 54 hours.

The periodical, Educational Science, is issued from 2001.

Prospective teacher prospective teachers

To make the knowledge more diversify on education

To have ability to use the latest teaching techniques.

To have autonomic and original teaching knowledge and ability.

To maintain professional attitude toward the carrier of being as teacher.

Subjects of prospective teachers

Academic Subjects: Chinese, English, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Computer, and etc.

Vocational Subjects:Agriculture, Industry, Business, and etc.

The process of teacher certification

The Center enrolls 100 undergraduate and graduate students from all colleges of the University each year. Students must complete at least 26 credits of educational courses, and pass the preliminary certification.. Then they should complete one-year internship in schools. After passing the final certification, they obtain the certification of qualified teacher.

Future development

Short-term Development

  • To set up Institute of Professional Development for Educators.
  • To set up the educational program for Bachelors.

Long-term Development

  • To set up an affiliated middle school.
  • The center of further education for educators.
  • Establish at least 3 departments related to education, and establish the college of education.